Louis Jadot Nuits-Saint-Georges Les Boudots Premier Cru 1998

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Nuits-Saint-Georges 1er Cru ★ AOC
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Louis Jadot

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Les Boudots
Premier Cru Domaine André Gagey, Estate Bottled

GRAPE VARIETY: 100% Pinot Noir
MAXIMUM YIELD: 40 hl/ha (180 cs/acre)

The commune of Nuits-Saint-Georges is the southernmost commune of the Côte de Nuits, and includes, from a viticultural standpoint, the small adjoining commune of Prémeaux-Prissey, most of which is entitled to the Nuits-Saint-Georges appellations. There are 431 acres of vineyards which take this appellation at the village level, only 29 of which are in Prémeaux. Of the premier cru vineyards, numbering 36 in all, 28, occupying 248 acres, lie in Nuits-Saint-Georges; the remaining eight, in Prémeaux, cover 104 acres. There are no grands crus. Over 99 percent of the average annual production of 8,922 hectolitres (99,133 cases) is in red wines.

Nuits-Saint-Georges stands on the site of an ancient Gallo-Roman villa, of which archaeological excavations have unearthed vestiges covering 25 acres. The name "Nuits" is derived from the Latin "nutium," later "nuys" and today "noyer," meaning "walnut tree," abundant in the area until the 18th century. Beyond wine, Nuits produces large quantities of fruit juices from orchards which must have been present centuries ago: several vineyard names, such as Les Pruliers (plum tree) and Les Porrets (pear tree) are corruptions of names of fruit- bearing trees. The vineyards are equally old; the premier cru of Les Saint-Georges has been planted since 1023, when it was given to the order of Saint-Denis, and most of Prémeaux's premiers crus pre-date 1250.

The premier cru wines of Nuits-Saint-Georges are among the sturdiest and longest-lived of the Côte de Nuits, yet these vary in dimension from north to south. The northern vineyards near Vosne-Romanée produce comparatively elegant wines, while those in the south produce big, robust wines. The Aux Boudots vineyard, on the Vosne-Romanée border near Les Malconsorts, is a squarish parcel covering 16 acres, and is one of Nuits-Saint-Georges' finest premiers crus. André Gagey is proprietor of a superb, 1.24-acre parcel acquired in 1970, replanted in part in 1973 and completed in 1980 from cuttings from existing vines. Maximum annual production is 250 cases. This parcel yields a full-bodied, tannic and vigorous wine that is rich in fruit complexity yet shows a certain elegance of structure and toasty, smoky nuances in the bouquet.

2003. 11. 24.

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